The Maripose Journey


Listen to your body, have fun playing and discover what makes it feel good.


Through breath work, regular practice and believing in yourself you will start to notice positive shifts in your life.


The possibilities of what you can achieve are endless. You will reach heights you never imagined.
Sasha Delaney founder of Maripose Yoga London

Meet Sasha

My love for yoga first started as a teenager but it wasn’t until I was a drama student that I started to practise regularly.  At drama school my movement teacher, Aidan Treays, recommended Simon Low’s Ying and Yang DVD and yoga helped me feel calmer and more connected to my body throughout my intensive actor training. Since then I have studied many different styles of yoga across the world, including Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Spain and the UK.

In 2013, whilst recovering from a second foot operation, the wonderful Gemma Evans designed a special yoga sequence for me that I was able to follow even on crutches. Yoga kept me positive and it felt amazing that I was able to keep my mind and body energised throughout my recovery, which hadn’t been the case after my first operation. Before that time I knew that I wanted to go deeper with my practice but it was only then that I became certain that yoga teaching was the right path for me, once I was back on my feet again.

I really believe that yoga is a very powerful discipline and more importantly it can change your life. The uniting of my breath with the physical practice makes me feel more inspired, motivated and alive. Yoga connects me to a stronger, healthier body and keeps my mind a little more focused in this non-stop world we live in. I feel very grateful that I have found my calling and I want to share the gift of yoga with all those who are ready to experience its benefits. I give thanks to all of my teachers so far, especially to the inspirational Jane Kersel and Naz Khakoo.

Yoga is not about touching your toes.  It’s about unlocking your ideas and what you want, where you think you will go, and how you will achieve when you go there.

Cyndi Lee



Open Class Schedule

To book your place please email to confirm you are coming 24 hours before your class  –  Please give 24 hours notice for cancellation.

Autumn 7 week term (7th September-19th October 2016)

Mixed Ability Hatha Flow

Wednesdays – 6-7pm – Lawnsmead Hall, Wonersh – prebooking essential (limited spaces available)

Hatha Flow & Beginner Classes

Corporate classes lunchtimes and evenings

Full Moon Women’s Circle (15th October) – Early bird offer available until 30th September.

Saturday – 2-5pm at Essex Unitarian Church, Notting Hill, London. ( A few minutes walk from Notting Hill underground station.)

Early bird price: £25

Standard price: £30

If you bring a friend, your ticket will be half price: £15

Low income: If you would like to come but this is not affordable for you please get in touch before October 1st.

Click here to download & complete the Yoga Health Form before your fi

The Space

Lawnsmead Hall

Beginners Yoga

The thought of trying yoga can be quite daunting. Like with anything new it takes time to get used to a new language, way of moving our body or using our breath. Breathing is something we have been doing all our lives but we don’t often pay much attention to it. Once we become aware of it then magical things can start happening. When it comes to yoga I recommend learning the basics first; where you can build up your confidence in a small group and go at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Hatha Flow Yoga

My training was in Vinyasa and Hatha and I like to teach a fusion of the two styles. Hatha Flow is a dynamic form of Hatha which synchronises movement and breath to provide a flow of postures that lead naturally from one to the other.  My classes explore variations of sun salutations along with standing and seated poses. The practice provides a strong physical discipline and the calming effects of a moving meditation.

Restorative Yoga

I absolutely love Restorative yoga. It is so worthwhile trying a softer and more supportive class that will balance out your nervous system. The practice involves the use of props to allow the body to release and relax. Poses are generally held for 3-5 minutes and the sequences promote body awareness and a sense of mental stillness. Pure bliss.

Add a moment of calm to your workplace….

Did you know that by offering your employees a regular yoga class you could increase their productivity and positivity at work?  Enabling your staff to step away from the stress of the office for a 45 minute or hour long yoga session will ensure they return to the task in hand with renewed energy and motivation.

If you have the available space I can come and teach at your workplace at a time that suits your team. Get in touch today to discuss how we can work together.

Making contact is the first step to a healthier & happier you!

If you’d like to book a private lesson or discuss how I can bring a moment of calm to your busy workplace please get in touch 


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A billboard at Hove train station on my way back from an amazing day learning more about the menstrual cycle with The Red School. How 'wickedly smart' would it be if we all understood the gifts of menstruation & all the phases, that there is a time for activity & a time for rest, that we are cyclic beings & to learn to read our bodies so that we can live more harmonious lives. Then we could pass this onto all the younger generations so that they are able to lead more empowered lives & don't see their monthly bleed as something negative or inconvenient. Now is the time. "When you are connected to your cycle you are connected to yourself". ... See MoreSee Less

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In one month the moon will be full once again & there will be a lunar eclipse. The moon will be in the sign of Leo which enhances creativity and originality & so it's the best time to express your deepest feelings creatively. "Leo’s special gifts are its warmth, charisma and enthusiasm and so this full moon challenges us all to ‘feed’ our fire and find ways to re-kindle passion in our lives. It is a wonderful time to reflect on what inspires you and see if you can do something about it." The early bird offer for an afternoon of yoga, dance & ritual to encourage creative expression in central London lasts for 2 more weeks. Contact to book your place. ... See MoreSee Less

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They don't call the January full moon the Cold Moon for nothing. Funny how the women who braved the rain & the snow to practice tonight have their sign in Cancer & seemed to appreciate the yoga nidra by candle & moon light. In the fast paced madness many of us live in it's essential we make time to rest & restore. I feel so grateful I get to hold space on actual full moons when it's such a potent time for women to be together. "May we see our sensitivities & intuitive nature as our strengths. May we bow down to the flow of life & receive all that is wanting to be created". ... See MoreSee Less

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